Bondo Cheese Grater Shaper File

3M Dynatron™ Dyna-Cut Blade Bondo Cheese Grater Box of 12


Product Description

3M Dynatron™ Dyna-Cut Blades Box of 12

  • Cheese grater file for bondo & any type of fillers
  • Flat convex blade shaping curved surfaces
  • Ideal for work on fiberglass and removing filler for cars and boats or anything you are using the filler on

How to use cheese grater: After applying the body filler, let it set until it is the consistency of soft cheese. Do not wait until it is fully hardened! At this consistency it is easily shaped and sanded. Use a 10 in half round body file (cheese grater) and gradually shave the excess filler, shaping the panel as you go. Do not remove too much filler or else there won’t be enough for a level surface. You’re still going to be sanding with 40 grit and 80 grit paper which will remove even more filler. Getting this right takes a little practice. All the shaping is done with the cheese grater. The sandpaper is mainly to smooth out the cheese grater marks.

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